F1 2018 for free! The Humble Store and Steam are giving away a licensed game until the end of the day

Formula 1 season is in full swing. In Saturday’s race, Max Verstappen made an amazing feat, who interrupted this year’s domination of Mercedes cars. Previously, all races were won by drivers from this stable. The amazing emotions experienced by drivers on the tracks in Monte Carlo or Singapore can now be felt by everyone thanks to the Humble Store promotion.

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F1 2018 for free. How do I download the game?

F1 2018 is official and licensed game top-class car racing. Although the 2020 version has already appeared recently (at the beginning of July), for the two-year installment of the series, Steam you have to pay over PLN 160. However, you can avoid this until the end of the day, as the production is available for free on the Humble Store, at WITH THIS address. F1 2018 can be downloaded for free until 22:00 Polish time. With a Humble Bundle account on the above page, we can obtain a code for the game which will then need to be redeemed on Steam. There, we add the game to the library, which allows you to install it and run it at any time. Before that, however, you should prepare 24 GB of disk space for the production installation.

F1 2018 from Codemasters offers real circuits, teams, cars and drivers. The production received very high 83 points out of 100 in the version for computers on the metacritic website. The game boasts of attention to detail. The multiplayer mode is very popular, in which the entire Grand Prix seasons are organized, broadcast on Twitch or Twitter, watched by many people who do not take part in the race.

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