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Extremadura Health Service Administers Nearly 6,000 Vaccine Doses in One Week – Plans for Evening Walk-in Campaign

The Extremadura Health Service (SES) has given 5,923 doses of vaccine in one week to prevent flu and covidduring the extraordinary vaccination campaign enabled in the afternoon shift. Specifically, 3,043 injections have been inoculated against flu and 2,880 against covid. The data has been classified by the Ministry of Health as a “success” and for this reasonThey are looking for formulas to be able to implement this walk-in campaign in the evening next year. The idea is to be able to reserve spaces so that the population can go to get vaccinated without having to arrange it in advance, which Health believes will favor greater coverage.

These are the Extremaduran health centers where you can get vaccinated without an appointment against flu and covid

However, despite the fact that there is a high number of injections and that in some cities, such as the capital of Cáceres, there were even queues to be vaccinated, The truth is that fewer vaccines have been administered than were injected, for example, during the first week of the campaign. (it started on October 17 for nursing homes). Specifically, in the first ten days, 155,755 doses of both drugs were inoculated; which means that those injected in this vaccination week without an appointment They do not even reach 4% of those placed at that time.

However, this measure has managed to increase the protection coverage, which this winter was one of the lowest. This is, in fact, one of the causes of the great rebound in respiratory infections that Extremadura is experiencing. The extraordinary campaign was opened precisely in the middle of that wave of infections to prevent the incidence from continuing to rise.

At the moment, it has not managed to stop the infections since the incidence in the region rose last week to 813.73 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and the forecast is that it will continue to increase this next week, when the peak of infections is expected to be reached. . Therefore, For now, the mask will continue to be mandatory in Extremadura in health centers and hospitals. It can be withdrawn when there is a chain of two weeks with the incidence decreasing.

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