explanation of Phoveus’ new hero skills, an agile counter hero

KONTAN.CO.ID – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) finally officially released hero new Phoveus at the same time update latest release yesterday (11/5/202). Before trying Phoveus, let’s get to know it first, complete with an explanation skill-nya.

Moonton finally added hero new, namely Phoveus. Add a row hero figher which you can use in Mobile Legends, Phoveus has skill which is very useful as counter hero the nimble.

When you have difficulty fighting hero-hero nimble, like Ling one of them, you can choose Phoveus as counter. About what skill Phoveus so that it can become counter from hero-hero the nimble? Here is the explanation skill Phoveus below.

Explanation of the Phoveus skill

  • Deity Intuition (Passive): Decrease cooldown skill Phoveus when around an opponent using skill type charge or blink.
  • Malefic Terror (Active): Phoveus strikes towards an opponent with the weapon he uses. The enemy will accept magic damage, while Phoveus gets shield and improve movement speed. Every few seconds, skill this will get charge, so that it can be used sustainably.
  • Astaros Eye (Active): Phoveus releases the Astaros Eye that gives damage to the area around the opponent. After one second, Astaros Eye will attract all opponents in the area so that they gather in the middle.
  • Demonic Force (Ultimate): Phoveus will immediately jump towards the opponent who is hit by the target skill passive. When skill this is active, Phoveus can use many times as long as the requirement skill fulfilled. The condition is when the enemy or opponent uses skill charge or blink. Even so, keep an eye out where You, because skill this too takes where.

Interesting isn’t it? Skill Phoveus is very effective when you meet an opponent who has skill blink or charge. Cooldown skill Phoveus is getting less and less, so he can easily finish and chase agile opponents.

You can too video below to have a look Hero Spotlight from Phoveus which was shared directly by the official YouTube channel MLBB Indonesia.

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To get Phoveus, you can follow event latest in MLBB and can get hero is free when it has completed the mission. After successfully completing the mission, you will get a Phoveus Exchange Token which can be exchanged for hero Phoveus for free.




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