5 Mobile Legends Zilong Build Item, Hero Fighter Rasa Assassin

Hitekno.com – Build Mobile Legends Zilong item you can use it to make it even more lethal. How are the heroes Mobile legends killer flavor fighter. You are a fan Zilong, Mobile Legends hero popular and widely used. Read also: – The built Minotaur item in Mobile Legends is the most painful and creepy one […]

5 ways to overcome mobile legends stuck loading

KOMPAS. com – Player Mobile legends certainly no stranger to the waiting screen view (Loading screen) which will always be displayed when you want to access the main view (lobby) Mobile legends. Appearance loading screen This is what players will see when they open the game Mobile legendswill be presented to the players for a […]

Reza Arap plays MLBB, heating up stream backup?

After a long absence from streaming game circulation, Rez Arab suddenly live playing MLBB (Mobile Legends) on YB gameon youtube channel. Arap also explained that his conditions when he returned to live were not like the previous time because he had just moved into a new home. Until mid-2022, Reza Arap is still streaming several […]

Too OP to be a Jungler, is Gusion fully nerfed?

Who would have thought that, in the previous patch, Gusion the dagger-wielding assassin ravaged Land Of Dawn and dominated the game with the latest fix made by Moonton in the patch notes of the latest update. This upgrade makes Gusion very efficient in performing his duties as a very effective assassin. How could it not […]

Build Aamon Mobile Legends is the Sickest 2022, Must Know!

loading… Build Aamon Mobile Legends Sick 2022 can make the character become Over Power (OP). Photo: ist JAKARTA – Build Aamon Mobile Legends sick 2022 need to be known by those who are favorite heroes from Mobile Legends Bang-Bang (MLBB) the. Compared to other heroes, Aamon is indeed interesting and fun to play because it […]

How to Change Mobile Legends Profile Photo or Avatar

KOMPAS.com – Just like various social media platforms, games Mobile Legends (ML) allows its players to use profile picture (profile picture/PP) alias avatar according to their wishes. The avatars that the user can use are a number of default images or icons (default) that have been provided by Moonton (the developer of Mobile Legends), images […]

Get to know the term Micro Macro in Mobile Legends

Jakarta – If you are a game connoisseur Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) made MoontonHave you ever heard a foreign term that is often mentioned by other players? Some of them such as, Map Awareness, Mechanics, Rotation and many more. Well as already expressed through the title, that this time detikINET will describe the list […]