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Experience the Original John Williams Signature Sheet Music Live in Zaragoza

If there is music that has made us dream and imagine new worlds, this is, without a doubt, the music of John Williams. With a great career and hits like ‘Star Wars’, ‘ET’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Schindler’s List’, The composer’s music has accompanied us for generations. He now arrives at the Mozart room of the Zaragoza Auditorium this Tuesday (7:30 p.m.) with the Franz Schubert Filharmonia.

From the program ‘Star Wars and the Best OSTs by John Williams’ of the group, we can highlight dThe essential aspects: the interpretation of the works with the original scores of John Williams and the experience acquired for training for years performing the repertoire.

The Original John Williams Signature Sheet Music

The Franz Schubert Philharmonic performs the concert program with the original John Williams Signature scores, the scores edited by the composer himself. This makes the audience attending the concert hear the original version of the movies just as they sound on the big screen, without arrangements, without versions: John Williams in his essence.

The Franz Schubert Filharmonia knows Williams’ repertoire well, since it was the first orchestra to perform the Star Wars Suite in Barcelona in 2015, under the direction of Salvador Brotons. Since then, and over the years, the orchestra has continued to periodically program this concert in the cities of Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Tarragona, Girona and Lleida, conducted by figures such as Vladimir Kulenovic, Virginia Martínez or Tomàs Grau. This year, Tomàs Grau, main and artistic director of the formationreturns to direct the show to convey all the richness, energy and expressiveness that exists in Williams’ original scores.

Live a movie Christmas with the music of ‘Star Wars’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘ET’ or ‘Jaws’

Williams is one of the composers most recognized soundtracks on the current scene and winner of the most prestigious film awards. His melodies transcend the screen and are enjoyed on their own. In this special concert the Franz Schubert Filharmonia offers a selection of the best soundtracks without any visual distraction.

The experience acquired over years with this Williams program, has led the Franz Schubert Filharmonia to create its own products, such as the program ‘Disney’s Best OSTs’or the musical battle ‘Marvel vs DC in Concert’, which tour the concert halls with the purpose of bringing symphonic music to new audiences.

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