Fans are dissatisfied with the BLACKPINK members’ inaccurate performance, and Jennie is also complaining about the Blinks!

Fans are dissatisfied with the BLACKPINK members’ inaccurate performance, and Jennie is also complaining about the Blinks!

BLACKPINK, which enjoys great popularity around the world, recently held concerts. Although the members have prepared several stages for fans, their repeated inaccuracies on stage have disappointed many fans; in addition, many spectators who attended the concert posted complaints on the Internet, accusing the members of not having enough time to rehearse, which led to such a performance.

Maybe it’s because they have really high expectations for BLACKPINK, or maybe it’s because of “deep love and responsibility.” After being dissatisfied with the “length of the concert”, many fans think that the BLACKPINK members danced incorrectly at this concert It surprised them all.

Most fans attribute the reason to the members not spending enough time rehearsing before the concert. However, some people think that the rehearsals are actually itinerary-related, and the 4 girls can’t be entirely to blame. Also, many of the concert dances have been adapted, so it’s only natural that they don’t know them all at once.

The fans on this side are dissatisfied and BLACKPINK on the other side is also complaining about the performance of the fans. Among them, Jennie appealed to fans on stage many times, asking them to put down their phones, not only focus on filming, but also enjoy the stage performance they prepared for fans.

“If only we could see your faces instead of your phones. We’ve come a long way to see you.”

Indeed, there are even etiquettes and rules that should be followed when watching a concert. For artists, the reaction of the audience is also their source of motivation. The energy given by the audience can enable them to perform better! Next time you go to see a concert, remember to enjoy the atmosphere.

Text by Crystal C.

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