EXCLUDED More beautiful life in advance: Baptiste kidnapped, Millard charged, Mila steals (PBLV info)


EXCLUDED More beautiful life in advance: intrigue and spoilers in advance PBLV until February 28 If you are addicted to the Marseille daily soap “Plus belle la vie” and you can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen in the coming weeks, Stars News tells you more, in preview and in exclusivity.

In three weeks, Baptiste will disappear. And for good reason, he was kidnapped by Millard!

Exclusive information that cannot be taken over without mentioning Stars Actu with a link to this article

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Kevin and Leo, very worried about Baptiste, go to tell Patrick and alert him to Millard. But he will not believe them and refuse to give them the means necessary to find him! Kevin and Leo must therefore manage on their own. They end up finding him while Baptiste is lying in a coffin partially covered with earth…


Baptiste is hospitalized in an emergency while Millard is charged with all the murders of the missing teenagers. Patrick apologizes to Leo while at the hospital, Gabriel makes a diagnostic error on his son. It’s Victoire who realizes Gabriel’s mistake and saves Baptist’s life.

Gabriel’s colleagues alert Jeanne: he is doing a burnout! Meanwhile, Mila is on an internship at the hospital. To pay off the debts of her threatened mother, she will not hesitate to steal money from several patients …

For her part, Sabrina is helped by Nathan and Estelle to understand what really happened to Jerry. And she falls from the top when she discovers that Maxime manipulates her from the start and that he is not who he claims to be …

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Summary of the next unreleased episode, to discover on Monday February 3 on France 3

Lea plans for Emily’s abortion. She still hasn’t told Kevin. The young man who fears that Emilie might decide to end her pregnancy, asks Baptiste to organize a dinner with Mathis to convince her to keep the baby. Patrick questions Leo about the handrail that Millard made against him, following his intervention in Scotto. For his part, Roland tries to get Millard away from his bar seeing that he is approaching Baptiste. Leo swears that he will prevent Millard from doing harm …

Clement wants to wait for Antoine’s majority to transition. Delphine does not want to upset him. Dimitri dissuades Antoine from breaking up with his family to achieve his dream. Theo promises his brother to try to convince their mother. He manages to show Delphine Antoine’s suffering …

Despite Blanche’s refusal, Didot clings to “the new woman in his life”. Eric, mischievous, encourages his attempts. Blanche is furious…

Every day, from Monday to Friday, an indiscretion, a scoop and a video await you on Stars-Actu.Fr.

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