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Exciting Cinema Films in Fall 2023

As of: October 11, 2023 5:00 p.m

Until December, films such as “Killers of the Flower Moon”, the Cannes winner “Anatomy of a Fall”, Ridley Scott’s film “Napoleon”, the drama “One For the Road”, a documentary about Vermeer and two films by Wim Wenders are attracting people to the cinema .

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The 77-year-old director Wim Wenders is bringing two films to the cinema in autumn: the masterful documentary in 3D about the artist Anselm Kiefer (“Anselm”) and a quiet everyday study of a happy person in Tokyo, “Perfect Days”. Its leading actor Koji Yakusho received the Palme d’Or for best actor at the film festival. The latter is even Japan’s Oscar hope in the “best international film” category and opens shortly before Christmas. Both also screened at the recently concluded Hamburg Film Festival in the presence of Wenders – and received great applause in the sold-out screenings.

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They share a vintage and have known each other for decades: Wim Wenders and Anselm Kiefer. Wenders’ 3D documentary allows Kiefer’s work to be experienced sensually. more

Fans of legal thrillers can particularly look forward to the French Cannes winning film by Justine Triet. Sandra Hülser shines in “Anatomy of a Case” from November 2nd as a German writer who lives in the mountains with her French husband and her visually impaired son. After a few scenes, the husband dies – and then the writer Sandra (that’s also the name of the character in the film) is suspected of murder and has to defend herself in court.

Frederick Lau previously played a construction manager with Nora Tschirner in Markus Goller’s film “One for the Road” who has a big problem with alcohol. One day he loses his driver’s license and then makes a bet not to drink alcohol again. Not an easy task in this society.

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The actress received the Hamburg Film Festival’s award at the German premiere of the legal thriller “Anatomy of a Case”. more

“Killers of the Flower Moon – Epos von Martin Scorsese mit Lilly Gladstone

Martin Scorsese is collaborating again with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro – for the literary adaptation “Killers of the Flower Moon”, an almost four-hour film with an unforgettable leading actress, 36-year-old Lily Gladstone. She embodies one of the rich women of the wealthy Osage people who enters into marriage with Ernest Burkhart, the nephew of an influential uncle (De Niro). There are a number of mysterious murders among the population and especially many Osage women. The drama celebrated its world premiere in May at the Cannes Film Festival.

Ridley Scott and Martin Scorsese with new cinema blockbusters

Veteran director Ridley Scott will present his latest film about Napoleon with Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby, Timothée Chalamet will play the young Willie Wonka in “Wonka”, a prequel to “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (director: Paul King). David Fincher is releasing the neo-noir thriller “The Killer” with Michael Fassbender in selected cinemas on a major streaming service. Bradley Cooper will show his biopic of composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein: “Maestro” – with himself and Carey Mulligan in the leading roles – in selected cinemas.

Overview of the exciting cinema films in 2023StartFilmGenre / Direction14.9.Falling Leaves Drama / Aki Kaurismäki12.10.Anselm – The rush of timeDocumentary film 3D / Wim Wenders19.10.Killers of the Flower MoonDrama / Martin Scorsese26.10.The KillerThriller / David Fincher2.11.Anatomy of a FallThriller/Drama/ Justine Triet9.11.Vermeer – Journey into LightDocumentary / Suzanne Raes16.11.Tribute von Panem. The Ballad of Songbirds & SnakesAction / Francis Lawrence16.11.The quiet girlDrama / Cólm Barrét23.11.The old oakDrama / Ken Loach23.11.NapoleonHistoriendrama / Ridley Scott7.12WonkaAction / Paul King20.12.Maestro (Netflix)Biopic / Bradley Cooper21.12.Perfect DaysDrama / Wim Wenderspostponed to 2024Dune 2Fantasy / Denis Villeneuve


The cinema year offered “Nothing New in the West”, news about Batman and hits like “Triangle of Sadness”, “Minions 2”, “Lunchtime” and “Top Gun: Maverick”. more

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4 Min

Cornelius Hartz and Marco Mewes brought together cinemas, festivals and filming locations for their book. Nine out of 80 locations in Hamburg. 4 mins

The Hamburg native was seen alongside US star Depp in the opening film “Jeanne du Barry”. In it she plays Marie-Antoinette. more

Feature films about painters are popular. Now a wave of them is coming to cinemas – starting with “Dalíland”. more

Richard Siedhoff is one of the few silent film pianists in Germany. He tells how music was made for films a hundred years ago – until today. more

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How has music as an accompaniment and complement to film changed in 110 years? An overview of listening from silent films to series like “The Last of Us”. 6 mins

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