Excited Vietnam “Snow” after several days of negative temperatures

National Disaster Warning Council Foundation Sapa City Photo Post Vietnam Snow falling From January 12-13 the past. After several days of negative temperature The Meteorological Department stated the real picture, while Thailand is preparing for a new cold wind during 17 January.

Today (14 Jan 2021) reporters reported. National Disaster Warning Council Foundation Post a message with a picture stating that Snow situation in Sapa, Vietnam yesterday (13 Jan), the temperature remained minus 3-4 degrees Celsius, bringing a snow white atmosphere covering the streets and houses.

Earlier on January 12, the National Disaster Warning Council Foundation, 10.10 am reported that in Lao Cai, Vietnam, 10 cm thick accumulated snow, resulting in slippery roads occurring several times. The buffalo died due to the cold weather. Vegetable damage The Vietnamese Forecast Bureau Expect frosty weather throughout the week. Minimum temperature minus 3 degrees Celsius.

Meteorological Department Real snow system

Thai PBS interviewed Mr.Suan Tonjarn, Director of the Central Weather Forecast Office The Meteorological Department said the inspection of snow images in Sapa was real because in the last few days Vietnam had a cold air mass. And upper west wind currents from the ground up Which suffers the cold And met a cold mass of air Together with the southern border of China It makes snow. 3 years ago, Sapa had snow like this once.

For Thailand There is still only frost that does not even snow. And this cold ripple that spreads down to Bangkok during this date 12-14 Jan, with a cold air mass spreading down to Bangkok and the central region that senses some coldness, temperature 17 degrees Celsius But still not breaking the record of cold weather in Bangkok in 2018 that used to have a temperature of 16.5 degrees Celsius and during this January 17 there will be a new wave of cold, but in the North and Northeast. only Not coming down to Bangkok and the central region

This year the weather has cooled several waves. But still not considered the coldest And people in Bangkok will experience cold weather for a short period of time for only 2 days, but will be cool in the morning, the central day will be hot.




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