Every Third Adult Russian Tries Investing: Survey by Rabota.ru and Pervaya Management Company


June 6, 00:00

Every third adult Russian tried to invest

Investors most often choose stocks and invest up to ₽100 thousand for the entire time of trading on the market, a survey among Russians showed

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Every third Russian has investment experience, 34% of those surveyed in the course of the study of the Rabota.ru service and the Pervaya management company (available to RBC Investments) said that they participated in trading on the stock market. More than 3,000 Russians over 18 took part in the survey in May 2023.

The vast majority of those with experience in investing in the stock market chose stocks (62%). Every third of the respondents (33%) invested in bonds, 29% invested in foreign currency, 23% – in mutual funds (UIFs). Another 15% bought precious metals. 12% invested in cryptocurrency, another 9% reported that they “invested in a business.”

“This can be explained by the fact that among the instruments available to unqualified investors in shares, the potential profit is the highest. For example, only since the beginning of the year, the Moscow Exchange index (an indicator of the Russian stock market) has grown by more than 22%. However, there may be appropriate reductions,” said Andrey Makarov, head of the sales department at Pervaya Management Company.

The number of private investors on the Moscow Exchange exceeded 25 million people

He also noted that investors tend to use bonds as an alternative to deposits, and mutual funds are chosen by those who “do not have time to independently analyze securities and track all the information in the market.”

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The total amount of investments during the investment period for 39% of respondents amounted to ₽100 thousand, and 19% of those surveyed with investment experience said that they invested more than ₽1.5 million. In addition, 18% of respondents noted that they invested from ₽101 thousand to ₽300 thousand

“There is a stereotype among Russians that investments are only for those who have big money. However, it is not. Russian and foreign investment experience shows that the main thing in investing is regularity and long-term,” Andrey Makarov noted.

Private investors increased the volume of net purchases of shares by 4.5 times

How much money respondents have invested over the entire investment period

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He explained that regularity allows you to find profitable opportunities to buy assets during a decline in the stock market, while long-term and compound interest allows you to increase investment returns. Thus, 88% of the surveyed investors who invested up to ₽300,000 indicated that they managed to earn up to ₽100,000. 700 thousand to ₽1 million

May was the best month in terms of trading volume on the Moscow Exchange in 2023. The trading turnover on the stock market of the Moscow Exchange amounted to ₽3.21 trillion (excluding overnight bonds), and compared to May 2022, the figure more than tripled, according to the data of the trading platform. The best dynamics was shown by the precious metals market, which grew 6.1 times over the year.

May was the best month this year for the Moscow stock market

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On the St. Petersburg Exchange in May also fixed a surge of interest in foreign securities: compared to April, the value of transactions in them increased by 25.21% to $ 3.13 billion. Prior to this, the site experienced a consistent decrease in trading turnover for three months – February, March and April. The average daily trading volume in May increased by 8.09% compared to April and amounted to $0.14 billion. However, the turnover for May 2023 was 71.68% less than in May 2022.

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