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European: symbol deposit, Cateno de Luca’s list first

(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 21 – The militants of Cateno de Luca’s Libertà list will take turns in front of the Interior Ministry from Friday morning at 8. Only in this way did they manage to be the first list filed for the European elections next 8/ June 9th. Laura Castelli, former 5 Star undersecretary, now president of “South calls North”, one of the parties that make up the Libertà list, was present at the Ministry of the Interior this morning. “We aim to enter this institution, the European Parliament, to try to explain that there are rules that are too far from reality, from fishermen, farmers, traders, street vendors. A way must be found to do what even pro-Europeans say, that is, to strengthen our territories – says Castelli to ANSA – to do this we need more autonomy for this country and for the territories”. The second to register the symbol were the militants of the United States of Europe “We have been here since 3 yesterday afternoon” says Francesco Grandoli who has been on shift since 3 tonight. A recurring presence on these occasions when the symbols are recorded is that of Mirella Cece from the “Holy Roman Catholic Empire” list who has always been among the first people present in front of the Interior Ministry and is responsible for giving numbers to the other representatives of list. “We propose peace with facts” she says, presenting her symbol of her. Among the first lists presented also Azione by Carlo Calenda. (HANDLE).

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