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Nocerina smiles again: Sweet Milk is defeated

The Nocerina returns to victory by beating the Sweet Milk. At “San Franceso” it ends 2-0. The match, after a balanced first half, heated up at the end of the second half. In the 80th minute the Molossians took the lead: cross from Garofalo for the head of Cardella that beats carbon. The second goal came in the 41st minute with Garofalo directly from a free kick.

Nocerina-Latte Dolce 2-0, the scoreboard

NOCERINA (4-3-3): Fantoni; Mariano, Mazzei, Crasta, Pinna (14’st Garofalo); Carotenuto (47’st Giacinti), Vecchione (14’st Gaetani), Citarella (28’st Rossi); Liurni (28’st Maimone), Cardella, Guida. On the bench: Venturini, Petti, Giacinti, Dorato, Gadaleta. Coach: Nappi

SASSARI SWEET MILK (3-5-2): coals; Patacchiola, Cabeccia, Pilo; Pireddu, Mureddu (31st Ablaye), Olivera, Piga (35th Orlando), Canu; Scognamillo (24’st Marcangeli), Grassi. On the bench: Piana, Salaris, Piredda, Teddy, Florencio, Henoc. Coach: Marino

REFEREE: Bianchi di Prato (Claps-Salvatore)

RARELY: 36’st Cardella (N), 42’st Garofalo (N)

NOTE: spectators around 2100. Booked: Liurni (N), Piga (S), Mazzei (N), Garofalo (N) Corners: 6-3. Recovery: 1’pt; 4’st

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