Europe must respect the hijab, that’s why I wear open clothes

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Former Miss Croatia Ivana Collina admitted to deliberately wearing open clothing while supporting the Croatia national team World Cup 2022 Qatar.

Knoll went viral on social media as he always wore revealing clothes while watching Croatia’s match at the 2022 World Cup. Finally, Knoll also wore sexy clothes as Croatia beat Japan in the round of 16 on Monday (5/12).

The 30-year-old woman has received a lot of criticism on social media for being considered disrespectful to the culture and religion of Qatar.

“First I thought that if the World Cup was held in Qatar, surely they would allow everything to make the fans comfortable without any restrictions,” said Knoll. Mirror.

“Then I heard about the rules and I was shocked. The dress code forbids showing shoulders, knees, belly and everything else. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t even have clothes to cover all of this,'” she said Knoll.

Knoll also revealed why she always wears super sexy clothes during the 2022 World Cup.

[Gambas:Video CNN]

“I’m very angry because if I’m not a Muslim, and if we are in Europe, we have to respect the hijab and the niqab. I think they too have to respect our way of life, our religion and in the end I wear clothes, bikinis because I’m Catholic of Croatia and I’m here because I saw the World Cup,” said the woman who was born in Germany.

Knoll further admitted that he was surprised by the response from the people of Qatar who didn’t care how they dressed. Earlier, reports had surfaced that a number of spectators from Qatar had reported on Knoll’s actions using open clothing.

“But when I arrived in Qatar, I was surprised that they didn’t have a problem getting dressed. They let you wear whatever you want, except in government buildings and in the end it’s fine,” Knoll said.

“Besides, I’ve never been afraid of being arrested,” Knoll continued.


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