Europcar Mobility Group joins forces with Free2Move for telemetry data processing

The mobility solutions rental company and the mobility brand affiliated with Stellantis have entered into a strategic partnership providing easy access to vehicle data, with a view to optimizing fleet management as well as the customer experience.

© Europcar Mobility Group/Free2Move

After Telefonica and Geotab last October, it is around Free2Move to join the “Connected Vehicles” program initiated by Europcar Mobility Group. Objective: significantly accelerate its deployment and strengthen its technological architecture. As part of this international collaboration – Europcar Mobility Group benefits from a network established in more than 140 countries and Free2Move from a presence in 170 -, Free2Move will in fact provide Europcar Mobility Group with direct access to telemetry data for vehicles bearing the Peugeot, Citroën, Opel, Vauxhall, DS logo., and soon other brands of the Stellantis group. Among these data, the analysis of which will improve the inventory of the fleet or its maintenance, we find the geolocation of the vehicle, its fuel level, its mileage as well as alerts on the condition of the car.

Guaranteeing compliance with current data protection regulations, this exchange of information responds to Europcar Mobility Group’s ambition to have a 100% connected vehicle fleet by 2023. “But connectivity is not an end: the main thing is to make this direct access to vehicle data a lever of operational excellence and value creation for our customers” assure Olivier Baldassari, Country & Operations Director of Europcar Mobility Group. Whoever qualifies Free2Move as “First key player in the ecosystem of manufacturers to join our” Connected Vehicles “program”, also welcomes the opportunities offered by this alliance. « We will no longer have to install third-party boxes in the Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall that make up our fleet ”, he appreciates.

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