EuroMillions: the surprising winners, and new millionaires, of the year 2023

It’s been a phenomenal year for Austria at EuroMillions, with a string of incredible wins, reveals Winning Draw. Three notable jackpots have been won in this country, including the historic one of 240 millions euros raided on Friday December 8. Usually only one or two Austrian winners on average are recorded each year.

In addition to Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg created a surprise with six millionaires among the 23 EuroMillions winners for 2023, defying the usual statistics. On May 5, the jackpot of 159 million euros was shared between three winners, including a Swiss player, while Luxembourg set a historic record with a jackpot of 83 million euros last November 28. Since 2004, only 8,8% winners emerged from Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg, representing 50 jackpots out of the 563 won.


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France and the United Kingdom in the lead

But 2023 is an extraordinary year for these usually unlucky territories. The figures speak for themselves: according to Winning DrawFrance, the United Kingdom and Spain largely dominate the rest of Europe in number of winners, with 125 lucky people in France and across the Channel, and 117 in Spain. Switzerland has 26 victories, compared to only 20 in Austria and 4 4s in Luxembourg. The year 2023 will thus remain engraved in the history of EuroMillions as the year where small countries were able to defy all expectations.

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