This small device is enough to waste less food and save on consumption: a real revolution

Technology can give us a big hand. Here is the small device that allows us to waste less food and save money.

For all of us, recent years have been characterized by greater awareness of the preciousness of energy. The increases in electricity and gas prices, in fact, have made us understand how important it is not to take everything for granted and that energy also has its cost.

This is why in recent months there have been many ideas and solutions proposed to combat the energy crisis. Many of these are proposed as a solution at a domestic level and are really very useful. In this article we want to explain to you how this small device works it allows you to waste less food and save money so much. Here’s how it works.

Here is the device that saves you money

It’s called “Shelfy” and was designed by Vitesy, a Pordenone company that specializes in the development of green solutions. It is a 100% Italian invention that allows those who use it to waste less and less food and, therefore, save a lot. This device can be placed anywhere in the fridge and has the ability to connect to the internet. We could then monitor it thanks to a dedicated app.

device to waste less food

This device is great for your refrigerator ( –

It is a device that has the task of purify the air inside the refrigerator. This happens thanks to a photocatalic technology that allows food to be preserved for several days. In fact, this small device allows the reduction of the bacterial load inside our appliance. The interesting thing is that there is no need to change the filter, but it is sufficient to wash it every month under water. Furthermore, according to green ideologies, every component of the Shelfy device is recyclable. Therefore it is a totally sustainable device. It does not need to be plugged into the socket and works with batteries, it can be recharged via USB-C.

As we said at the beginning, you can control this device via its application: “Gears Hub“. This will allow you to consult it real-time refrigerator status. Furthermore, the app will also offer some advice via data, in graphic format, on the weekly and monthly trend of hatch openings. Furthermore, it is possible to monitor the fluctuations in the internal temperatures of the refrigerator. Finally, the application will suggest when it will be necessary to clean the device’s filter. This will send us a reminder every 4 months telling us that it is necessary to clean the refrigerator and will give us useful advice on which part of the fridge is recommended for certain foods.

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