Erkelenz schoolchildren discover the EU​

High school students discover the European Union

On Europe Day, young people should be made aware of the advantages of a common Europe. Because the EU is no longer a matter of course.

An open Europe, unlimited travel, working and paying, stays abroad and cultural exchange – these days, this is completely normal for most young people in Europe. The fact that the EU is in the middle of its deepest crisis in times of Brexit, floods of refugees and the Ukraine war and that today more than ever the European idea has to be fought for, must be made clear to them again and again. At the schools in Erkelenz, this happens every year on Europe Day, when the students come up with very special projects.

The Cornelius-Burgh-Gymnasium, for example, had invited to various discussion rounds this week. Various former CBG students talked about their experiences in other EU countries and the reasons that led them to study abroad. They reported good experiences and hurdles. The fact that “work and travel” in Great Britain can also become “work and survive” was explained Daniel Spythreported that you first have to get used to the Italian understanding of punctuality and bureaucracy Michelle Fighter. However, they do not want to miss out on their experience abroad. Former Cusanus students or parents such as Stephan Tobies or Jacqueline Abou-Chaarthe CDU member of the Bundestag Wilfried Oellers spoke about the political side of the EU.

There was a business game in the Cusanus high school. In a day-long project, ten geography and politics teachers dealt with various problems with the young people, for example the question of whether there should be a European capital, whether the EU should jointly phase out the civil use of nuclear energy or set up a cross-border, free WiFi network should. geography teacher Daniel Rütten praised how well the groups identified with their roles and discussed passionately. “There,” added the Europe representative at the Cusanus-Gymnasium, Kenan Holger Irmak“The students also processed the experiences from the current war in Ukraine, for example when they discussed the risks of cyber attacks from third countries in the planned expansion of the W-Lan network.”

The Erkelenz European School was also planning a Europe Day – but due to the storm last week it had to be postponed by a few days.


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