Erik Dijkstra Criticizes Colleague Fidan Ekiz: A Betrayal in The DIY Dictatorship Documentary?

In the documentary The DIY Dictatorship Fidan tells, among other things, about her own canceled talk show Eve. According to the presenter, she was canceled because of her way of thinking. “BNNVARA is sectarian and woke. They sent me away. They have let me down, shut me out and reproved,” can be heard in her documentary. If it’s up to her Op1-colleague and BNNVARA star Erik, this is not true. “Yeah, you know… I found Eve really just not a very good program. You can do that too, you know. Then you can also stop with such a talk show,” he says at the table on Thursday evening a woman. “I honestly think to be there now… What is it? Two or three years later? To start whining about that… Get over ityou know.”

According to him, there is also no question of a ‘culture of fear’ at the broadcaster. “Yes, then I think: I also work at BNNVARA, for fifteen years, and I don’t really notice it.” He doesn’t really understand what Fidan is talking about in her documentary. “Everyone can say what he wants in this country, right? She too, me too.” The journalist even admits that he doesn’t find the topics discussed in the documentary ‘such an interesting theme’ at all.”I don’t feel it that way. I do not recognize myself in the accusation and when I read things about ‘culture of fear’ and ‘you are not allowed to say anything’… Yes, what is it about, dude?”

When asked if he plans to watch this documentary, he firmly replies: “No, I don’t think so, no. Then I have to look into why a program stopped two or three years ago, I don’t think that’s really relevant.”

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Viewers find it bizarre that Erik ‘betrays’ his colleague. “I was born too late to see Judas. But I do have Erik Dijkstra with me a woman seen,” wrote one angry viewer on Twitter. a womanviewers are especially angry that Erik lashes out at Fidan, while she is not at the table to defend herself. ‘Erik Dijkstra is not a spokesman for BNNVARA. He hasn’t been to anything and doesn’t really know anything. Then why isn’t Fidan Ekiz there?’

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