Shania Twain Testifies About Sexual Abuse During Her Childhood: ‘I Tried To Make My Breasts As Flat As Possible’ | Celebrity

“I hid and tried to flatten my breasts as much as possible,” Shania told The Sunday Times. “I tried to be as invisible as possible. It was awful, you really didn’t want to be a girl in our house. Her mother Sharon Morrison and her stepfather were killed in a car accident when Shania was 22 years old. The singer then took over the education of her brothers. She describes that period as extremely difficult. Because she at the same time she had to process the loss and the abuse. “As a woman you end up in society, where you automatically experience other unpleasant things. Such experiences only strengthen it,” she added. “Then you often think, ‘Oh, it’s just stupid to be a girl. Oh, it’s stupid to have breasts.’”

Twain recalls being criticized early in her career for not acting “sexy enough” and not showing off her body. “Suddenly people were wondering what my ‘problem’ was. “Are you a woman with a beautiful body?” But what was so natural to others seemed very scary to me. I felt taken advantage of. I had to play the charming singer, emphasize my femininity more. She made me feel like I was being groped or raped in people’s eyes. I felt so humiliated.

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