Enrico Montesano, his anger at Non è la D’Urso: “They set a trap for me just because I don’t think like the others”

It’s not D’Urso, Enrico Montesano: “They set a trap for me just because I don’t think like the others.” Guest in connection with Barbara D’Urso, the Roman actor returned to talk about what happened last week, when he was stopped because he was not wearing a mask.

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«It was a trap they made me just because I don’t think of it as the general vulgate“. So Enrico Montesano in connection with Live is not the D’Urso. Last week Montesano was stopped because he was not wearing a mask, but the Roman actor wants to reiterate that he does not feel absolutely wrong, on the contrary: “This is a trap that has been made to me because I have made the declarations in which by keeping my distance outdoors, I can avoid the mask. I believe in the virus. I was there for Chico Forti, I’ve always been there. And we want Chico to be able to serve his sentence in Italy so that his mother can visit him too. Next to me was a gentleman who filmed and then edited everything to sell it to TV. To the policeman who stopped me I listed all the infractions he did by raising the sanction. I think the salt of democracy is criticism and freedom of speech. Here it seems to me instead that they wanted to pass for bad, a man who does not think like the general vulgate».

Last update: Sunday 18 October 2020, 22:42



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