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Enexander, the catracho boy who has surprised Barcelona viewers – Ten

He is barely nine years old and already surprises many with his talent, but that’s not all, in the coming months a plane awaits him to take him to Barcelona to participate in the MIC, one of the most important grassroots soccer tournaments in the world.

His name is Enexander Herrera, was born in New Orleans, but he is the son of Alexander, a Honduran originally from Pueblo Nuevo San Felipe in Juticalpa, Olancho, who tried to sweat the shirt of the Olanchano and Platense in the First Division. Now his dream is that his children can go further than him.

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Enexander, who is in the third grade at a high school Louisiana where he also lives with his mother Mexican Lourdes Garay, plays as a striker and has already had the opportunity to show up at a camp organized by the Barcelona in New Orleans in June of the previous year.

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After three months of participating in that camp, the viewers of the Catalan institution who saw him play, called his father to give him a message that has excited them: they invited Enexander so I can go to Europe to be shown at the MIC with boys of its category.

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While the dates are rearranged due to the coronavirus pandemic, Enexander His suitcase is full, not only of clothes, but of many dreams, since he has been passionate about soccer since he was very young.

Before that trip, he will also be, along with his brother 8 year old Ethan, in a new soccer clinic that the Barcelona will take place between July and August.

“You always want the best for your children and he is very excited. TO Enexander they put him to play in categories above his because of how good he is, ”says his pride dad, who has lived in United States.

The little one, who is fond of Barcelona, ​​by Messi, but also from Liverpool English, currently plays for the Mandeville Soccer Club academy. In 2019 he was linked with the Chicago Fire.

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