Employees of the Villa Evora nursing home in Chartres, mobilized for better working conditions

“They want three stars, but with the means they give us, that’s not possible!” They were about thirty, this Tuesday, January 24, in front of the Ehpad of the Korian Villa Evora group, in Chartres, to assert their right to strike to demand better working conditions and a “decent” increase in wages, up to 10%. “The tasks and the workload are only increasing but on the other hand, the salaries are not keeping up”, denounces Nadège Balier, a nursing assistant in the establishment for five years.

“For the first time” according to the strikers present, “all sectors have mobilized: maintenance services, psychologists, cooks, nurses…”

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“The staff is suffering. We have the impression of working for nothing and not being considered at our fair value”, continues Nadège Balier.

The establishment of the Korian group, which has 102 rooms, has since January increased the rates for residents. A questionable increase, according to the staff involved. “The care is mediocre and at the price paid by residents and families, this is not normal”, insist caregivers, between two slogans.

Advanced proposals

From the end of the morning, the management of the establishment received staff representatives to hear their demands. An appointment followed by several proposals. “We have been listened to on most of our requests, even if an overall increase in wages seems unlikely,” laments Sophie Morin, animator at the nursing home and staff representative.

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For his part, Frédéric Leroi, director of the Ehpad Villa Evora, indicates “that a protocol is being drawn up. This has allowed the resumption of activity in the structure, from 3:15 p.m. today.”

Laura Alliche

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