Employee Charlie Hebdo has to go into hiding because of threats: ‘I had 10 minutes to leave everything behind’

Marika Bret arrives at the Paris court on September 9, 2020. Image AFP

Bret, who has been living under police security for nearly five years, made an interview with weekly newspaper Point self announced that she was deported from her home on Monday by order of the police. Last week, the agents securing Bret intercepted “detailed and comprehensive threats” directed at her.

The police took the reports so seriously that it was decided to move the director of personnel affairs in haste to a hiding place. “I had ten minutes to pack my things and get out of my house,” Bret said in the interview. “Ten minutes to leave a part of my existence.”

Bret, who was one of the driving forces behind the relaunch of Charlie Hebdo, will not return to her house. ‘I am losing my house to a tidal wave of hatred. The hatred that always starts with threats, to sow fear. We all know how that can end. ‘


In early September, the trial began against the accomplices of the Kouachi brothers, the jihadist terrorists who in 2015 Charlie Hebdo and shot a police officer. The perpetrators themselves were killed by the police two days after the attack. Charlie Hebdo recalled the beginning of the trial by reprinting the Mohammed cartoons that brought the terrorists to their act. Since then, the editors have received “all kinds of atrocities,” said Bret. “Threats from Al Qaeda, calls for the Kouachi’s work to be completed.”

According to SITE, an American NGO that analyzes the online communications of extremist groups, Al Qaeda stated in early September that the attack was ‘not a one-off incident’. The editors of Charlie Hebdo is located at a secret address in Paris. The magazine’s editors work behind armored doors and bulletproof windows, under the constant security of armed agents.

The 2015 terrorist trial this week mainly revolves around the attack on the Jewish supermarket Hyper Cacher, where terrorist Amedy Coulibaly shot and killed four men two days after the attack on Charlie Hebdo. The trial will run until November 10.

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