Emirates news agency – Salem bin Abdul Rahman Al Qasimi attends launch of international exhibitions accompanying Sharjah Calligraphy Forum

Sharjah, October 6 / WAM / Sheikh Salem bin Abdul Rahman Al Qasimi, head of the ruler’s office, witnessed the launch of the accompanying international exhibitions this morning, as part of the Sharjah Calligraphy Forum, at the Sharjah Art Museum.

The head of the ruler’s office visited a group of three exhibitions, namely: contemporary exhibitions, exhibition of Islamic art of decoration “Golden Hymn” and exhibition of other cultures, listening to detailed explanations of the works presented by the exhibitions, which they reflected the development of the experience of working on Arabic calligraphy by a large group of calligraphers and artists, and inferred from the forum slogan in this session, “Irtiqa”.

At the start of his tour, the head of the ruler’s office stopped at contemporary exhibitions that bring together numerous artists from the UAE and other countries of the world, presenting their various paintings of installation work, video and use of different materials such as canvas, wood, cardboard, painted wood and others.

Sheikh Salem bin Abdul Rahman Al Qasimi became acquainted with the various works contained in the exhibition which reflected the creativity of the participants in employing different techniques to serve their main ideas that show the beauty of Arabic calligraphy and innovative works of art.

During his tour of the “Golden Hymn” exhibition, Sheikh Salem bin Abdul Rahman Al Qasimi examined the works presented by the artists and learned what Islamic decorative arts symbolize and reflect, their various schools and creativity and innovations of the participants.

Numerous artists from different countries participate in the exhibition, which highlights the experience of the art of Islamic decoration, and the participants present the decorative arts in their countries according to their development, each in their own environment, striving to show different projections and its vegetal, geometric and composite directions, as well as the connotations of color and the ways of its uses. Multiple, geometric frames, deduction and alteration of forms, formulas, forms and aesthetic, decorative and ornamental innovations.

Sheikh Salem bin Abdul Rahman Al Qasimi concluded his tour by visiting the exhibition “Other Cultures”, which presents Arabic calligraphy with international touches, through illustrious experiences of artists from different countries of the world who do not speak Arabic, united by a love for calligraphy, which excelled in its field and learned its aesthetics and secrets.

The head of the office of His Highness the Sovereign was informed about the works of the artists participating in the exhibition, which adopt different lines, and took note of their works presented, which varied between the use of cotton paper, black ink, colored paper , watercolor illustrations, gilding and more.

Asim El Khouly

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