EM 2021: Hungary and the wound in Bern – football

The beginning of the end for Hungary in 1954: Max Morlock gave the German team the following goal. Photo: / Baumann

Before the German EM duel against Hungary on Wednesday, memories of the 1954 World Cup final return. What became a historic event for the Germans brought a national tragedy to Hungary. A contemporary witness looks back on the 2: 3.

Stuttgart – The atmosphere in the houses of Budapest was euphoric on July 4th, 1954. Zolt├ín Czibor had just given the big favorites 2-0 lead, and the Germans appeared on the ground after just eight minutes. The beating voice of the radio reporter Georg Szepesi – the Hungarian counterpart to Herbert Zimmermann – additionally heated up the people who were longing for the first triumph at a soccer world championship. Nobody, really nobody, had any idea what turn this soccer game would have in store. It plunged the Hungarians into a national tragedy.



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