Kaspersky Calls Instant Messaging Applications For Cybercriminals

Merdeka.com – Kaspersky revealed, messaging applications (messaging) has now surpassed social networks, in terms of the most popular communication tools. It’s no wonder that messaging apps are cybercriminals’ favorite mode of sharing links or phishing links. Message application users are predicted to reach 2.7 billion people. By 2023 the number is expected to rise to […]

EM 2021: Hungary and the wound in Bern – football

The beginning of the end for Hungary in 1954: Max Morlock gave the German team the following goal. Photo: / Baumann Before the German EM duel against Hungary on Wednesday, memories of the 1954 World Cup final return. What became a historic event for the Germans brought a national tragedy to Hungary. A contemporary witness […]

Who we are – News – World Cup winners and Wonder Woman hit the headlines in episode 5

Episode 5 of the FIFA podcast “Living Football” is out now Former Uganda defender Jean Sseninde tells her incredible storye Youri Djorfkaeff and Patrick Vieira are also there Host Reshmin Chowdhury this week hosted former Ugandan defender Jean Sseninde, who tells an incredible story about fighting prejudice to develop women’s football in South Sudan. Jean […]

Monumental Lippold Sculpture Can Be Admired At New York Airport

New York, Apr 7 (EFE) .- The monumental and popular sculpture “Orpheus and Apollo” by the American Richard Lippold can be admired at New York’s LaGuardia airport after not having been seen for more than seven years, after the Lincoln Center removed it from one of its lobbies due to the renovation of the space […]

I would really like to be a science fiction film –quotemeter.de

from Markus Tschiedert February 18, 2021, 12:47 p.m. The film with Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek follows in the footsteps of «Matrix». But then comes the qualitative crash. What is real, what is simulated, what just comes from our imagination? Questions that science fiction films have repeatedly grappled with and thus repeatedly activate the recipient’s […]