Elizabeth II revealed the future rulers of Great Britain

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

The last few years have been writing about the British royal court with a vengeance. First, Prince William married Kate Middleton, and then Prince Harry married actress Meghan Markle. Both heirs already have children who attract journalists no less than stellar parents.

To switch attention, Buckingham Palace published a picture of Elizabeth II with three heirs who will replace her in the next ten years. In the photo you can see Prince Charles, William and George – in that order they will ascend the throne.

Users noted that the photo was taken back in December, during a traditional Christmas dinner in the Throne Hall of the palace, when the princes arrived before the second half and enjoyed posing for the royal photographer Ronald McKechen. And then they went to cook the famous pudding.

Fans of the star family were happy with the new picture and especially highlighted the young Prince George, who was first seen without the usual shorts: according to tradition, boys from aristocratic families under eight years old wear shorts, and although the child is only six, he appeared completely adult and in checkered trousers .

In addition, his perky smile touched users who believe that he inherited a good character from his mother and father. And the facial expression suggests that the heir to the royal throne is growing active and smart, while he already knows how to behave in society: when you need to can be restrained, and follows strict rules.

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Note that the royal palace had already published similar photographs several years ago. So, in April 2015, during the celebration of the 90th anniversary of Elizabeth II, it was possible to see all of her heirs, who were also made by Ronald McKechny.

Photo: Instagram, Legion-Media

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