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The 10 most successful Buy2Play games for PC, PS4, Xbox One

Here we look at the 10 most successful games in the world for PC, Xbox One and PS4 that you have to pay for. In contrast to free 2 play titles, these players are buy 2 play here.

What are these games? This top 10 lists the ten games that generated the most revenue in 2019. This includes the purchase price and also purchases of digital content in stores such as in-game currency.

Where does the data come from? The US market research company SuperData obtains this data from “all possible sources”. However, these are protected. On the website, they write that protected data partnerships provide information from publishers, developers and payment service providers.

SuperData’s numbers are used by game magazines worldwide and, along with other market research numbers, are considered a reliable yardstick for game success.

10.Sims 4

Publisher: Electronic Arts, Inc. | genre: Simulation | revenue: $ 311 million

Sims 4 Island Living

Create a Sim, choose a neighborhood, build a house for hours and then finally live in it with the said Sim. The basic principle of life simulation “The Sims” is clear to everyone. This game mainly attracts creative players who acquire extraordinary personalities from their Sims. This is how some build their personal heroes, others create their own digital self.

The personal house can be expanded again and again with a variety of furniture such as sofas, tables, carpets, wallpaper, electrical appliances or even pools. All around there are interesting places in the living worlds where you meet other Sims.

How does the title make money? In addition to the purchase price for The Sims 4 and the prices for addons, you also pay for digital content:

  • packs
  • Bundle packs
  • expansion pack
  • Gameplay packs
  • Accessory Packs

Borderlands 3

Publisher: Take Two Interactive Software, Inc. | genre: Shooter | revenue: $ 329 million

Borderlands-3-Tyreen-Troy-Calypso-Gemini title

The co-op shooter Borderlands 3 is the long-awaited successor to Borderlands 2. With the release Gearbox finally offers players a new world with the usual deep black humor. In a sci-fi world, you play on the planet Pandora. One of the big goals in Borderlands 3 is to always find better weapons that boast funky effects. Some even insult you.

How does the title make money? A large part of the sales of Borderlands 3 should have provided the game itself. Players can also buy a Season Pass. This includes four DLCs, with new stories, missions and challenges. In the future, Borderlands 3 can earn money by selling additional DLCs. These are also available individually without a Season Pass.

8. Rainbow Six: victories

Publisher: Ubisoft | genre: Shooter | revenue: $ 358 million

The team shooter Rainbow Six: victories was published in 2015, but still generated high revenue in 2019. The team is played with five players each – one is the attacker, the other defends. If you want, you can also compete against AI opponents with your team. The tactical approach with different heroes is the focus here.

The various playable operators have their own weapons, skills, gadgets and story and thus always ensure fresh content in the game.

How does the title make money? The in-game currency in Rainbow Six Siege unlocks the operators, boosters, weapon skins and weapon packages.

17-year-old earns thousands of dollars with cheats in Rainbow Six Siege – Ubisoft is suing him

7. The Division 2

Publisher: Ubisoft | genre: Shooter | revenue: $ 370 million

Division 2 burning title

In The Division 2 you slip into the role of an agent of the Strategic Homeland Division. The outbreak of a virus has already plunged New York and other regions of the world into chaos, in which you are supposed to bring order. The US is on the brink of a civil war that must be prevented. There is a lot of group content like raids available in the cover shooter.

How does the title make money? The Division 2 offers one Year-1 pass, unlocks early access to missions, specializations, secret tasks, cosmetic items and other in-game activities. There is also a shop for cosmetic items that can be unlocked using microtransactions.

6. NBA 2K19

Publisher: Take Two Interactive Software, Inc | genre: Sport | revenue $ 370 million


This sports simulation is all about throwing the ball into the basket as often as possible. You play in the North American professional basketball league “NBA”.

There are original teams and players on the field who recognize fans of the sport. If you want, you can play against AI opponents or other players. The career mode simulates the own player’s career. It starts in China, where you have to prove yourself first. If you can do it, go to America, where you will first land in an advanced league, the NBA G-League.

How does the title make money? NBA2K19 offers various options for buying cosmetic items with microtransactions. If you want, you can advance your progress with money to shorten the grind. But that only goes to a certain point – the entire grind cannot simply be bought away.

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