Elected from Reims and vice-president of the Grand Est, Xavier Albertini will not be a candidate for the regional ones

Xavier Albertini, deputy mayor of Reims, seventh vice-president of the Grand Est region, in charge of transversal projects, strategy and foresight, is not a candidate for the next regional elections.

He puts forward several reasons for this. The timing of these elections does not seem opportune to him. “Besides, for each election, I ask myself what can I bring? Today, I think others are better able to carry a list. In this regard, I will support the candidacy of the mayor of Reims, Arnaud Robinet, if he wishes to present himself and go through with the process. “

In an interview at L’Union in 2016, Xavier Albertini, just elected vice-president of the Grand Est, said: “I am for a limitation in the length of mandates. You have to recharge your batteries, be inventive. I don’t live on politics. I continue to work and it is a source of inspiration for me. “


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