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El golpe “limitado” de Israel: la base area de Isfahan desde donde sali la lluvia de drones

Israel Strikes Iranian Military Targets in Retaliation

Early this morning, Israel launched a military strike on targets in the Isfahan region of Iran in response to last Saturday’s Iranian attack. While Israeli authorities have remained silent, ⁢US ⁣sources have confirmed that this is the long-awaited ⁢military retaliation from Israel. Iran had previously launched drones⁤ and missiles in a direct attack on Israeli ‌territory, specifically‍ targeting the Nevatim airbase⁣ in the south‍ of Israel.

The limited nature of the drone attack in Isfahan has raised questions among Israeli officials about​ Iran’s‌ potential for immediate military ⁢response. Despite Tehran’s claims of no casualties or significant damage, the unexpected drone‌ and missile barrage from Iran ⁤six days ‌ago‍ has ⁤left uncertainty lingering.

Iran has ​reported that its anti-aircraft defenses successfully ​intercepted three drones in ‌Isfahan and‌ has suspended flights to the⁤ city, as well as to Tehran and Shiraz. ⁢Meanwhile, Israel had‍ reportedly informed the US of its plans to launch an attack on Iran​ within 24 to 48 hours, using unmanned aerial vehicles.

Following ‍the recent escalation, ‌international allies of Israel have urged for​ a measured and strategic response‍ from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s‍ government. The goal⁢ is to prevent​ further ⁢escalation in the region, ‌particularly with the first direct confrontation between Iran and Israel.

Israeli anti-aircraft defenses are on high alert, as Iran had warned of a strong ⁣response to any attack, regardless of‌ its size. Reports of explosions in Syria and Iraq, where pro-Iranian militias are active, have also emerged in the early hours.

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