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tough competition from China puts pressure on Musk

Tesla lowered the prices in Mexico of two of its most popular carshe Model 3 and the Model Y. Until recently, the automaker led by Elon Musk sold the Model 3 for over 880,000 pesos and the Model Y was close to 955,000 pesos. With the recent change, these started to cost 799,000 and 829,000 pesos, respectively.

Is about a reduction of around 10% for both models, this amid rumors that Tesla will announce new models of its vehicles, particularly the Model Y. This was reported reports in 𝕏.

Model 3

Some of the features associated with the Model 3 are, first of all, its elegant design. Besides, It’s a car that gains speed quickly., smoothly and quite quietly, reaching a maximum of 201 kilometers per hour. In its basic version, which is set at 799,000 pesos, it has a range of up to 438 kilometers.

According to informed For Tesla, the Model 3 costs 676,500 pesos after calculating fuel savings, since it is an electric vehicle. The version with all-wheel drive amounts to 879,000 pesos. Color change prices are included at checkout and vary by paint.

Model Y

As for the Model Y, It is Tesla’s best-selling modelit is a truck with a much more spacious cabin than that of the Model 3. According to the data provided by Tesla, has autonomy of up to 394 kilometers, with a maximum speed of 217 kilometers per hour. The most expensive version of this car is just over a million pesos.

As with the Model 3, the Model Y can also be purchased in a color other than stealth gray, the base color for both vehicles. Likewise, each of these models can be adapted from the factory to have improved autopilot for 88,600 pesos or even integrate full automatic management for 177,200 pesos.

China pressure and Tesla luxury

The Chinese company BYD made various efforts to compete with Tesla. One of the models that was exerting the most pressure was the BYD Seal AWD, direct competition to the Model 3. Its price is 778,800 pesos, even cheaper than the Tesla model, but at a comparable cost.

There is no doubt that Tesla cars are quite luxurious and comfortable, with cutting-edge technology not only because they are completely electric, but also for the comfort of users. In addition, Tesla maintains constant updates to improve the software of its products. Just a few days ago they released the last of them.

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