“El Chavo del 8” | Édgar Vivar regretted that Chespirito’s programs are no longer broadcast on television: “See you soon will only be” | Roberto Gómez Bolaño | Televisa

El Chavo del 8”, “Chapulín Colorado”, Among other programs created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños -better known as Chespirito– they cannot be broadcast in different countries due to the lack of agreement between the comedian’s family and Televisa.

The news aroused sadness among the followers of Chespirito and, also, among his former colleagues, as was the case with Edgar Vivar, who embodied the ‘Mr Belly ‘ and ‘Nerd’ in “El Chavo del 8” In an interview with the program “On everyone’s lips“, he mexican actor detailed the reason for this departure from the air.

There was a certain agreement between Roberto Gómez Bolaños and the Televisa company, and had a deadline until July 31, 2020. The show stopped broadcasting 20 years ago, the rights were transferred up to this date and since the dates are fulfilled (…) What happens is that the agreements have not come to fruition”, He asserted.

In accordance with Vivar, the owner of the literary rights belongs to Roberto Gomezwhile the company owns “the graphics”. “Everything is stopped, the agreement is not completely broken, as far as I understand”He commented.


Hence Edgar Vivar ensure that an agreement could be reached in the future and that Chespirito’s projects can be re-tuned by his audience. “Saying goodbye would be silly, a see you soon will only be. That they take out the television programs does not mean that they are going to take us out of the heads and hearts of all of you”, He indicated.

“Then I trust in good will and that everything can be corrected,” added the artist. He nostalgically recalled his work on TV shows. Roberto Gómez Bolaños and said in a broken voice:

Knowing that your work reaches so many people, I can’t be more than grateful. I think that the commitment of every artist or person who is on television is to leave a world a little better as he found it and when I see all this, gosh, it’s been many years and I just have to thank all this audience”.


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