The news that will come to WhatsApp in the coming months

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- WhatsApp has surprised all its users by reporting that it will implement new features to improve the experience in 2020.

The news will allow you to silence a group forever to find that lost message you were looking for.

In addition, the big surprise is that WhatsApp prepares great tools that will provide the option of being able to connect to the application from different electronic devices.

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The portal specialized in WhatsApp, WABetaInfo, points out that these two new features are already in the beta version of the app. What are you waiting to try them!

Previously, WhatsApp added the option to verify if the information received is really true or if it is fake news (false news).

Users were also able to enjoy the dark mode and the ability to limit the contacts who can add them to a group.

The same account on different devices

Many people are looking forward to this feature as the limitation of being able to connect the account on multiple devices is sometimes a problem. Fortunately, WhatsApp already works on this tool. However, it is not yet known if it will be available for devices Apple.

It should be remembered that Telegram, the main competitor of the application owned by Facebook, has been offering this service to its users for a long time.

Chat security

Although the application has an internal security system (extreme encryption), the company itself has reiterated that they will bet on continuing to invest more and more in the protection of user privacy.

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Unfortunately, when messages are uploaded to the cloud for storage, this extreme encryption is removed, so many hackers could steal that data.

Search for messages and how it will work

Are you one of the people who forgot an important message among the hundreds of conversations you have saved on your cell phone? Don’t worry anymore! With the new search tool you will have the results instantly.

You just have to add the date of the message in a search engine, then click on a calendar-shaped icon and that’s it. If you click on it, the user will have the option to select the specific date of the messages that they want to consult within a conversation.

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