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Egyptian Star Nabila Ebeid Honored at Red Sea International Film Festival

Egyptian star Nabila Ebeid was able to draw attention to herself at the Red Sea International Film Festival, while she was honored among the stars of international cinema.

Actress Nabila Obaid expressed her happiness at being honored by the Red Sea Film Festival, as she considered it one of the most important and beautiful honors she received this year.

Obaid posted a video of her honor on her Instagram account and commented: “One of the sweetest and most beautiful honors I received this year was from the Red Sea International Film Festival in its third session.”

She added: “Honoring among the stars of international, Arab and Egyptian cinema and celebrating women in cinema.”

She continued: “I thank the Red Sea Festival and its president, the film artist Mohamed Turki. I also thank all my fellow film stars who were with me with all their love in this wonderful celebration… I love you.”

Yesterday evening, a special celebration was held on the sidelines of the Red Sea International Film Festival, under the title “The Woman in Cinema,” and it witnessed the honoring of the star, Nabila Obaid, in the presence of a large artistic presence from the Arab world and the world, and was performed by singer Nancy Ajram.

The Women in Cinema event was launched the day before yesterday, in the presence of a large group of Arab artists and Hollywood stars. The artist, Nabila Obaid, was honored. The event was held, bringing together the most prominent stars of the Arab and Western worlds and those working at the heart of the film industry, to celebrate female talent, whether in front of or behind the camera. All over the world, the festival continues to support female filmmakers and discuss the challenges they face, through a year-round program to support Arab, Asian and African women in the film industry.

Artistic coincidence

Nabila Obaid is an Egyptian actress who entered the art through director Atef Salem while she was still a student at the Girls’ College in Abbasiya, where she was offered a job in the field of cinema. She actually began acting for the first time through the film “There Is No Understanding” in 1961 without her family’s knowledge, and after mediation from A group of relatives who lived next to the artist Shadia’s brother, and her family agreed to her work in art.

She actually continued her artistic work since the beginning of the sixties of the twentieth century until she turned over time into one of the first-class stars in Egypt until the nineties of the twentieth century.

Among her most prominent works are (Mama’s Fiancé, The Circus, The Virgin and the White Hair, The Dancer and the Drummer, The Dancer and the Politician, The Woman and the Cleaver). Since the beginning of the third millennium, her artistic contributions have decreased, and in this period she has only presented films (A Woman Under Surveillance, Stories of Lovers, and nothing else). In addition to the series (Aunt Nour, The Second Gate, Kid Al-Nisa 2).

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