Easaad Younis, on ending the Nasr Mahrous dispute with Bahaa Sultan: This is al-Asham, Nasr

The artist and the media, Essaad Younes, expressed her happiness at the end of the dispute between the singer Baha Sultan and producer Nasr Mahrous, as she had sent a humanitarian message to him during the New Year’s episode of her “Her Excellency” program.

The artist and the media, Essaad Younes, published her picture with the company of the star Bahaa Sultan, commenting: “This is al-Asham, Nasr. Cut your goodness, my beloved, my brother, and ten years, every moment and you are good, and 2020 will be a happy year for you, Lord.”

Esaad Younes
Esaad Younes

It is noteworthy that the producer, Nasr Mahrous, expressed his great happiness at the initiative of the artist and the media Easaad Younis, who appealed to him on New Year’s Eve to end the dispute with the singer Baha Sultan through the “Her Excellency” program, where he said: “In response to her initiative, I explain to her and the beloved audience I am keen to end the disagreement with him, I, by the grace of God Almighty, who discovered his talent and who chose his artistic name who was opposed to him and his title as Sultan and who gave him the opportunity to start his artistic career through my company and claim that it did not spare him with his effort, experience and money to make him the success he deserves and the fame he dreamed of “.

He continued, what I would like to make clear is that my feeling about what happened is the same as the feeling of the father when his son abandons him and denies his bounty on him and insists on leaving him and separation from him without justification and it comes to him to distort the image of his father without just cause that he does not want to remain in the place that reminds him of his father’s thanks to him .

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He pointed out that it is more difficult than that to feel that the one who did good to him and made with him and has success intentionally assaults on your rights and money and prefers to turn himself in to others to share the fruits of your effort, your race, your soul and your blood, so what do you do, except that you resort to the judiciary and ask him to complete the implementation of his obligations and to pay the company its percentage due For her, which is estimated at only 25% for her and 75% for him, hoping to offset part of the heavy costs incurred in producing his albums, which cost one of them including his wages and filming one of his songs more than three million pounds.

Mahrous said, despite all of this, the company has responded to all calls from lovers of good for both parties to settle their dispute and complete reconciliation between them, but this was not completed because of those around him, and those who oppose this for personal interests that we do not know.

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