Dynamo played 1: 4 in the 3rd period, but lost to Spartak in shootouts – Hockey

On another game day KHL Spartak defeated Moscow “Dynamo” (5: 4 B).

The Reds and Whites won 4-1 during the third period but conceded three goals in a row after that.

In the shootout, the winning goal was scored by Sergei Shirokov.

the date of the

September 28, 19.30, “Ice Palace CSKA”

0:1 – 5
Shipachev (Lightning, Кагарлицкий)
1:1 – 12
Shirokov (Hanzl, Lehtera)
2:1 – 23
He worked (Shirokov, Kuteikin)
3:1 – 26
Youse (Hanzl, Lehtera)
4:1 – 41
Hanzl (Lehtera, Youse)
4:2 – 46
Lightning (Mironov, Tarasov)
4:3 – 50
Mironov (Sergeev, Tarasov)
4:4 – 55
Tarasov (Tchaikovsky, Hyethane)

KHL table

KHL statistics

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