Coronavirus has claimed a million deaths worldwide. Europe tightens screws again – ČT24 – Czech Television

And France Strict coronavirus measures are being introduced in Marseille, for example. They have to close the bars for fourteen days from Monday. This also applies to the island of Gaudeloupe. Paris has so far avoided such a restriction, despite having more people infected per 100,000 inhabitants.

The local government would like to take measures that do not affect the lives of entrepreneurs too much. “We will stay by your side and continue to implement measures that will allow you to overcome these extremely difficult times with the least possible impact on your business,” said French Foreign Minister Bruno Le Maire.

V Italy, where the first epicenter of the infection was coronavirus, is betting on protest. In Rome and other Italian airports, people traveling from regions with an increased number of patients must be tested. Free and with a result within thirty minutes.

Hungary addresses the issue of border permeability. They will remain closed in October, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó announced. However, the exception for the citizens of the remaining Visegrad Four countries, ie the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, remains in force.

“We believe that the lifting of previously introduced restrictions applicable to our borders would worsen the epidemic situation,” said the head of Hungarian diplomacy.

The rapid spread of coronavirus is a concern Germany. According to Angela Merkel, there is a risk of an increase of up to nineteen thousand new cases a day if the country does not intervene significantly. The number of new cases in Germany has approximately tripled since June.

“We need to set priorities, especially to keep the economy running and schools and kindergartens open. Football is on the other track, “she told the government CDU, according to the tabloid Bild. He will discuss quarantine measures with the prime ministers of the German federal states on Tuesday. It can be expected that the topic of this videoconference will be the fate of commuters who commute to Germany from abroad every day for work.

Slovakia due to the spread of coronavirus, it will ban mass events, with a few exceptions, limit the operation of restaurants and the number of people in stores, consider a state of emergency. It will be decided on Wednesday. On the declaration of a state of emergency the Minister of Health of the Czech Republic Roman Prymula is also thinking (for YES).

Wearing drapes will now be mandatory in the neighboring country, even if it is not possible to observe the prescribed spacing. Slovakia is thus partially returning to the strict restrictions of this spring. Last week, Slovaks recorded a record daily increase of more than 500 infected.

The lack of action is criticized by citizens Of Spain. The government is beginning to reflect this. So far, the restrictions apply in areas with more than a thousand infected per hundred thousand inhabitants. But already now Spain wants to close the metropolis again with the help of soldiers and tighten the limit even more. In Madrid, they are preparing for another possible total curfew.

Great Britain like the Czechia, it closes all restaurants at ten o’clock in the evening. However, locals often do not respect the ban.


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