The funds for the real sick are over, but in the meantime De Luca is burning the money in useless tampons!

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By Luca, in Campania, they call him ‘The Sheriff’. Voters just awarded him at the latest regional election for his efforts to contain the coronavirus. It seems that it particularly cares about the health of its citizens, so much so that it has forced them to wear one mask outside at any time of day. He is spending millions of euros to do tampons everywhere, tampons that in most cases are totally useless.

Excess of zeal to save the salute of Campania? Is this really the point?

I have found a clearly contradictory attitude in some measures undertaken by the Campania region which instead exhibit a huge risks for health the poorest sections of the population and citizens affected by others more serious pathologies.

I’m talking about the impossibility of being able to carry out health services at the accredited centers under the agreement because the funds allocated to them have run out, it will be discussed directly in 2021.

What does it mean? Patients who have a exemption code due to pathology, because they are seriously ill, or because of income, because they cannot afford health care costs, they will be forced to pay in order to receive a health service at an affiliated center. Those who cannot pay will be forced to wait until 2021, where the service would cost the Region much more.

Apart from the economic incongruity, let’s think about the health issue: due to covid, the institutions have invited citizens not to go to hospitals for outpatient services. How does a heart patient who has to have an immediate check-up but has no money? He must go to an ASL clinic. Can you imagine what it means to concentrate people from a specific area in the only reference clinic?

Practically By Luca is telling us that in the park alone we are obliged to wear a mask because it cares about our health, but if we have a serious illness and we have no money we have to wait for the 2021 or hope to be able to do so in a crowded clinic.

Does this mean caring for the health of citizens?

Burn millions of euros in tampons and at the same time remove funds destined for patients exempt from pathologies or income: absurd!

And all billions that the Government announced for health care where did they go?

The European Matrix with Francesco Amodeo



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