Juventus and its people greet Paulo Dybala, a touching and emotional greeting that saw Joya protagonist at the Stadium with her people who invoked and praised him throughout the match.

Joya finally freed herself in a cry that shows her attachment to the environment, team, teammates and fans with a divorce that the person concerned would never have wanted to consume.

The separation came for economic and technical reasons that evaluated the physical condition of the player who in recent seasons has had, unfortunately, too many injuries that have prevented him from expressing himself at his best.

At this point Dybala can agree with whoever he wants and the risk for Juventus of finding him as an opponent in Italy is very high and at this point there is also the possibility that it may end up with a rival.

FANS ASK FOR ONE THING ONLY – Juventus fans, in the meantime, ask only one thing, even on Monday evening he tried to insist that the Argentine promise not to betray the Juventus cause, which in this case means only and only one thing, do not go to the ‘Inter. The Juventus supporters, in fact, could not accept that one of their symbolic men could move into a bitter rival, going to reinforce it in terms of the Scudetto and more.

In short, the fans accepted this departure, albeit reluctantly, but they are not in the least ready to endure a departure towards Inter, it would be a rude that could also have consequences in the relationship between the player and the fans, breaking a bond that however, it turns out, it is very strong.

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