After Abrham and Saffron, 12 million remained. One person got everything

They were the stars of the first category, yet Josef Abrhám and Libuška Šafránková never behaved ostentatiously or haughtily. But they never suffered in distress and managed to amass respectable property. He still became their only son, Joseph, during Abrham’s lifetime.

A large villa in Prague’s Střešovice, a family house in Šlapanice near Brno, land in Lomnice near Tišnov or a small red Škoda that they used to go shopping or to a restaurant. The assets of Abrhám and Šafránková together amounted to CZK 12,364,438.

And because they have an only son, Josef, deciding who would fall for it was not difficult. After the death of Šafránková last year, their joint marital property was divided into an exact half. In October 2021, Abrham surrendered to Josef in his favor. Luxury house in the capital According to, he has long been called him.

After the loss of his beloved Cinderella, the actor fled from the villa to Liběchov in Moravia, where his son lives with his wife Ludmila. She lovingly cared for Abrham, who was confined to a wheelchair by health problems.

Abrham, who is with Libuška again, often thought about death. “The eight hours we sleep at night, we get into a different form of existence. But we may not have to wake up in the morning. Sometimes I’d be happy for that. To stay in a dream forever. That wouldn’t be a bad departure.” “he once told the diary Aha!

On May 16, 2022, Abrham succumbed to serious health complications:

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