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Dutch woman leaves 2,000 euros at an ATM


A Dutch woman left two thousand euros at an ATM in Venlo on Wednesday. An honest finder took the money to a nearby supermarket.

jvhSource: The Telegraph

The woman failed to take 40 notes of fifty euros with her after she had tried to withdraw the money from a machine around noon. According to the police, she eventually walked out without the money, assuming the transaction had failed.

A woman found the large amount of money and gave the money to the adjacent supermarket. According to the police, the bank card with which the money was withdrawn was most likely stolen by pickpockets or came into the possession of an illegal owner through a chat trick.

Investigation by the police has shown that the woman has made several transactions at the ATM in Venlo with multiple cards. “We think there is a very good chance that she tried to use a stolen card with a card,” said the police.

The police are still looking for the rightful owner of the two thousand euros. The account holder has not yet reported. No report has yet been filed.

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