Dutch professional football player Quincy Promes is being prosecuted for…

The Dutch Public Prosecution Service will prosecute footballer Quincy Promes for attempted manslaughter. According to the OM, the 29-year-old Amsterdammer stabbed a cousin in the knee with a knife at a family party last year. At that time, Promes played for the Dutch club Ajax, at the beginning of this year he moved to the Russian club Spartak Moscow.

Justice speaks in a statement about a 29-year-old man from Amsterdam. The Public Prosecution Service does not want to officially confirm that it concerns Promes. The football player, who spent two nights in jail at the end of last year as a suspect, has always denied the allegations itself. Promes played fifty international matches for the Dutch national team and scored seven goals. His last international match was at the European Championship last summer, in the eighth finals against the Czech Republic.

The nephew only filed a report in November. Promes then let it be known through his lawyer that he was not on site. The suspected victim suffered serious injuries.

The police completed the investigation in May and forwarded the file to the Public Prosecution Service in Amsterdam. In the summer, shortly after the European Championship, the public prosecutor released the ‘intended decision’ to prosecute on the basis of the investigation. It has now led to a charge of attempted manslaughter or aggravated assault. In the case of stabbings, this carries a prison sentence of 24 to 42 months. It is not yet known when the trial will take place.

Lawyer Yehudi Moszkowicz represents the victim. “The decision to sue Promes is the only right decision. After taking note of the file, we will also ask the Public Prosecution Service to prosecute the suspect for attempted murder. If necessary, we will go to Court for this.’

Russian league

Ajax sold Promes in February for at least 8.5 million euros to Spartak Moscow, where he also played from 2014 to 2018. That amount can rise to 11 million euros via bonuses. Promes has so far scored three goals in the Russian league this season.

Under Louis van Gaal, the successor of national coach Frank de Boer, who stepped down after the European Championship, he was no longer in the picture for the Orange. “When a player is involved in such a case, it is much more difficult for him to keep the focus on the game,” Van Gaal said in October. ‘In Russia you are far away, but in the Netherlands you are very close. That’s a big difference. I don’t think I select players who are involved in these matters.”



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