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Dutch and French football supporters get into battle, six injured | NOW

In Sedan, in the French Ardennes, dozens of Dutch and French football fans got into a fight on Saturday afternoon, report French media. Six people were injured. One of them would be in a bad way.

The fight broke out around 1:30 PM. About a hundred Dutch people are said to have attacked a group of fifty fans of the Bastia football club from Corsica. According to the French authorities, most injured people are Dutch. They were taken to the hospital.

French media report that the Dutch are fans of FC Utrecht. According to a police spokesperson, they had come to fight, not football. The football clubs SC Sedan and Bastia, from the French fourth division, played a match against each other on Saturday afternoon.

It is not the first time that a fight breaks out in Sedan involving FC Utrecht supporters. In 2007, people with French supporters took the stage when the Paris Saint-Germain football club played in the city in northern France.

According to local media, some FC Utrecht supporters feel connected to SC Sedan, because former FC Utrecht player David di Tommaso, who died in 2015, was previously under contract with the club. For that reason, fans of FC Utrecht travel more often to Sedan.

No one has been arrested as a result of the fight. The police are still investigating.

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