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Drunk driving Park Si-yeon, propopolo eight years ago, raised water… netizens “Is it possible to explain?”


Actor Park Si-yeon climbed on the cutting board this time by drunk driving. It’s been eight years since propofolo has been controversial.

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In 2013, Park Si-yeon was investigated by the prosecution for routine administration of propofol. At the time, Park Si-yeon’s agency explained that it was “medicated for the purpose of treatment because of a rare disease (avascular necrosis of the femoral head),” but the criticism did not subside.

At that time, many celebrities, including Park Si-yeon, abused propofol for sleep induction rather than for therapeutic purposes, so it was a time when the gaze was not good. In the end, Park Si-yeon, who quit all activities and went to sleep, delivered news of pregnancy during the trial. That year, Park Si-yeon was sentenced to August in prison and two years probation.

Park Si-yeon, who spent 1 year and 6 months of self-sufficiency, returned in July 2014 through the TV Chosun drama’Best Marriage’. Afterwards,’A week 3 of romance”Fantastic”Boarding house daughters”Shall we kiss first?’ ‘Mom and Dad are aliens’ and’Hwayang softening-the moment when life becomes a flower’, etc.

However, Park Si-yeon caused controversy again. This time it is drunk driving.

According to the Songpa Police Station in Seoul on the 19th, Park Si-yeon hit a car waiting for a left turn signal with a foreign car he was driving at around 11:30 am on the 17th at a three-way intersection in Jamsil.

As a result of the traffic police’s drinking measurement against Park Si-yeon, the blood alcohol concentration, which is the level of license cancellation, was 0.097%.

Afterwards, the agency Mystic Story side explained, “After drinking alcohol with an acquaintance at home on the 16th, we decided that the hangover was resolved the next day, and we went out using our own car,” and said, “Regardless of the reason, this incident occurred to our affiliated artist. I am deeply aware of the responsibility for this point. Park Si-yeon is also deeply repenting and reflecting. I sincerely apologize. Once again, I sincerely apologize for causing controversy.”

Even in the description of the agency, the current netizens are disappointed with “I saw a really good image, but I’m disappointed. Park Si-yeon (re***)” “I was disappointed. I saw Park Si-yeon nicely… I thought I had a hangover but I was drunk. **)” “Looking at Park Si-yeon’s daytime drinking and driving, it’s really less awakening in broad daylight and grabbing the steering wheel. Don’t think of Park Si-yeon coming out (ju****)” “Bae Sung-woo and even Park Si-yeon… bad news for the entertainment industry Besides, drunk driving on an icy road… Park Si-yeon, is there anything we’re going to scream together on the road? The agency made an apology and said that you had to go home, but this is nonsense (sw****) “I am pouring out blame.

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