Drug response from the provincial police chief!

Zonguldak Provincial Police Department Narcotics Crimes Branch Directorate of drug operation was done by teams.

700 grams bonzai operation, precision scales and 5 thousand TL were seized.

After the operation, Provincial Police Director Metin Turanlı shared the photo of the drugs sold in front of the university and wrote:

* Let the world go down dirty bag dealer.

* What a pilgrim! These are herbs.

* The muddy crown you wear in the smoke, obviously you’re very disastrous.

* Do you know the end is always painful. Space from Incivez.


In Zonguldak, A.B., O.O., B.B. and S.Ö., the prosecutor’s statements were taken to the court after the statements. 4 suspects were arrested on charges of ‘doing drugs’. IHA-DHA

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