Spanish media companies are suing Meta for unfair advertising practices

But hopefully you can understand that without advertisements there can be very little or no free content?
Take Tweakers for example.
You have been active there for almost 14 years, they really cannot exist without income.
Thank god you can take out an ad-free subscription at Tweakers. (and finally yearly subscriptions again )
But that is not possible everywhere, it could be, I am not interested in taking out 10 subscriptions for the tech news I want to read.
But with your reasoning, that is actually insurmountable, or you will end up with sites with only a paywall, or sites at hobby level, without paid staff, who therefore have to write a review in their spare time, with very limited resources.

It’s one thing or another, but it all has to be paid for somewhere.

2023-12-04 19:57:34
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