Don’t Panic First, Hepatitis Can Be Prevented and Treated How come

HARIANHALUAN.COM – Chairman of PB Indonesian Heart Researchers Association Dr. dr. Irsan Hasan. Sp. PD-KGEH.FINASIM explained, hepatitis is an inflammatory disease of the liver caused by hepatitis viruses, fatty acids, drugs, alcohol, parasites and other viruses. Hepatitis consists of hepatitis A, B, C, D and E while those who are still endemic in Indonesia, there are 3 namely A, B and C.

This disease is often known as the “silent killer”, because it is generally without symptoms, so many people are not aware of suffering from hepatitis.

“9 out of 10 sufferers do not realize they have hepatitis B or even C and 1 in 4 sufferers will die of cancer or liver failure, so we say that this hepatitis is a silent killer,” Irsan said, quoted by the Indonesian Ministry of Health on Wednesday (07/29/2020 ).

Patients with hepatitis, added Irsan will experience a journey from a healthy liver, acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, then cirrhosis of the liver with progress of about 1/3 of hepatitis sufferers will experience cirrhosis, from cirrhosis 10-15% will become cancerous, 23% in 5 years with cirrhosis will experience liver failure that will lead to death.

Despite having a high threat of death, hepatitis can be prevented and treated. In hepatitis B prevention can be done by avoiding risk factors and providing immunity with active and passive immunization. For the treatment of hepatitis B, the vaccine is given for a lifetime. The target is to inhibit the progression of the virus so that liver function is getting better. This is stated in Minister of Health Decree Number HK.01.07 / MENKES / 322/2019 concerning National Guidelines for Medical Services for the Management of Hepatitis B.

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“Hepatitis B must be given therapy in the long term, if you have cirrhosis the drug must be given for life, otherwise cirrhosis of the drug is given to a certain target,” he explained.

While in Hepatitis C, prevention by developing a clean and healthy lifestyle and avoiding risk factors. Treatment is done by administering Direct Acting Antivirus (DAA) with a target until healed. This type of treatment is considered as an ideal therapy because it has a very high cure rate, oral combination drugs, low side effects, short treatment duration, cheaper, high SVR and available. Although ideal, many people with hepatitis C go undetected, so very few are treated.

Furthermore, hepatitis A is transmitted fecal orally (anus-mouth) through food and drink contaminated with feces of a person who has been infected with Hepatitis A. This type of hepatitis can heal by itself but can also cause extraordinary events. For that, Hepatitis A has no special treatment, its control efforts are prioritizing prevention by implementing clean and healthy living behaviors.

A healthy lifestyle is the same as what the Ministry of Health always continues to do, such as sports, nutritious eating, nothing special for those who are already sick.

“If to prevent hepatitis B with a vaccine for C avoid risk factors such as narcotics, tattoo needles, piercings etc. But if you already have hepatitis, there is no specific prohibition,” he concluded.

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