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Donald Trump’s Visit to Latino-Owned Winery Sparks Controversy Over Insecurity Concerns

Donald Trump’s visit on Tuesday to a Latino-owned winery in New York to denounce the rise in insecurity has not gone down well with all wine loversand there are many who accuse him of taking advantage of their protests to seek votes in his attempt to return to the White House in the next elections.

Trump, carried away by his political sense of smell, wanted to appear and “take a picture” with the winemakers, who They are facing a wave of thefts that have forced them to put some products under chains and warnings, and which in some cases have cost the lives of winemakers, workers and customers.

The situation has even forced a section of these merchants to take up arms to protect their businesses.

Trump divided the chambers of commerce (of States) and they are still divided, he did a lot of damage to them, and now he is taking advantage of their anxiety (over theft)“Frank García, president of the Association of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce in New York to which the winemakers belong, to EFE.

He mentioned an incident in 2015 when Trump, in his first election campaign, met in New York with the President of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of the United States at the timeJavier Palomarez, without the knowledge of his partners, which was then denied by García.

The incident caused a group of chambers split off to form the National Association of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, which García also chairs..

Trump, whose support among Latinos is growing, according to recent polls, met with Francisco Marte, director of the Association of Winemakers and Small Businessesright in the warehouse where a worker in 2022 stabbed an accused thief claiming self-defense, in an incident in the media.

The message: “Fix up” a crime-ridden city

In his attempt to attract the Latino vote in a traditionally Democratic state, Trump promised to donate money and work with the mayor and governor, and asked Marte for his organization’s supportbecause to achieve that goal “we have to fix our New York.”

“Mars told him he couldn’t do that (oppose the Society’s support). Trump knows it would be a violation of the law,” García said.

Trump doesn’t care about small business owners“said Garcia, But he is aware that the former president is supported among Latino traders because he believes that local politicians have not supported them.

He made sure of that the measures announced by Governor Kathy Hochul the day after Trump’s visitas part of the new budget, They responded in detail to that meeting of the former president with Marte, which made the Democrats in the state government feel under pressure.

Radhames Rodríguez, president of Bodegueros Unidos de América, refuses to speak out for Trump or his opponents. “We don’t do politics. We all want to improve and we believe we can do it with local politicians,” he said.

The National Supermarket Association, with a large number of Latinos among its owners, was not invitedbut he also did not see Trump’s action favorably when he ensured that he was taking advantage of the moment for a campaign, according to his spokesman, Nelson Eusebio.

The winemaker José Dario Collado says that he does not follow politics on a daily basis, but he welcomes anyone who wants to help them and that it translates into changes.

“This is a difficult town,” he said as he showed EFE the chains attached to detergents, the most stolen product from warehouses.

“We are very concerned as winemakers providing a service to the community,” he said.

I have been in this country for 30 years and when I came I said ‘I have arrived in the best city in the world’. I can’t say the same anymore. “I feel completely insecure,” said the merchant, who is waiting for his permit to carry weapons, a measure he never imagined he would have to take in order to protect business.

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