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The dollar price in Argentina The session began operating with a slight increase on Friday 27, in a context that suspended the law on the use of chemicals in mining after protests in the country.

The exchange rate in the wholesale market it is quoted at 59.90 Argentine pesos per dollar, according to Bloomberg. This figure shows a slight increase compared to the one negotiated during December 26 of 59.86 pesos.

The government of Mendoza, a province in western Argentina, suspended the application of a law reform that allows the use of chemicals in mining, and called for dialogue to opponents who have led strong protests.

“I have decided to suspend the regulation of the law” approved by the provincial parliament last Friday, said Rodolfo Suárez, governor of Mendoza, on his Twitter account.

This reform of the law that regulates mining activity in the province enables the use of chemical substances such as cyanide. According to the environmentalist Greenpeace, it will also allow “the use of mercury, sulfuric acid and toxins.”

Throughout the weekend there were protests and roadblocks in opposition to this measure. On Monday, thousands of people demonstrated in front of the House of Government of Mendoza where police threw gases to disperse those who tried to cross the fence surrounding the headquarters of the Executive.

The clashes left 19 police officers injured and 16 protesters arrested, according to the police report.

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