Dog Miley Cyrus electrocuted while recording The Voice


The American singer’s pets Miley Cyrus have, just like their owner, been through a lot of wilds. For example, one of her dogs was electrocuted on the set of The Voice. She tells that in the Geena The Latina and Frankie V Morning Show.

Miley Cyrus (27) was one of the coaches of The Voice in seasons 11 (2016) and 13 (2017). During the shooting of the talent show, things almost went wrong with her dog that she had brought to the set.

There are cables everywhere on sets, which are necessary for all participants, among other things. We got together with a group and discussed who would win this season. And then I suddenly saw that my dog ​​was biting a cable from a monitor“Cyrus says on the show.”She had convulsions and was more or less electrocuted“.

Fortunately, Cyrus’s four-legged friend survived the incident. “She is in good health and is now happily walking around my home in Nashville“reassures the singers.

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